Does your

Does your teamwork work?

Is the software you bought to “keep you on track” just burying you in busy work?

Is keeping up with Slack a full-time job of its own?

Are you constantly asking “Which is the final version?” and “Who has the files?” and “Wait—who put this here?”

Well we think hard work shouldn’t be so hard.

And we think the problem isn’t your team, or even your process. It’s the tools you’ve been given to support them.

And we want to change that—with simple, powerful, flexible software to help your team achieve what you already know it can.

Welcome to Madrid

Teamwork tools
for real people

We designed Madrid for teams like yours: busy, fast-moving, and nimble by necessity.

At its heart, Madrid is a lean, powerful task tracking framework—not a complicated and overbearing “project management system” you’ll hate using. It’s fast and it’s flexible.

To this we’ve added rich, on-topic discussions; private messaging and group channels; and automatic file and deliverable management.

All in a clean, uncluttered design.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Track your work without making more work for everyone. Lightweight and powerful.

Create a list of deliverables for more complex tasks, and Madrid will keep track of final assets automatically.

Get automated, hassle-free reviews and sign-offs from teammates, without the endless email chains.

Focus mode clears the deck for you and shows you what you need to get done, one task at a time.

Task-based conversations keep everyone on topic, and make it easier for the whole team to contribute.

No more endless metadata fields with guessed-at answers. Track only what really matters to your team.

Automatically keep track of all the files, links and deliverables associated with each task.

A simple but powerful project and folder system allows you to organize teams and tasks however you like.

Connect Madrid to your Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or OneDrive, and access everything from everywhere.

Get started

One-click signup / No credit card required / Free for 30 days

One-click signup
No credit card required
Free for 30 days

Take it all with you.

The entire Madrid experience is designed to be just as efficient when you’re working on iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

Madrid makes it easier to step away, too: one quick glance at Triage mode gets you caught up on everything without dragging you in.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.


Powerful, efficient task management for nimble, no-nonsense teams

Focus mode, for staying on track and avoiding distractions

Triage mode, for triaging, catching up, and staying engaged

Organize mode, for project planning, management and cleanup

File and deliverable management

Per-task deliverables and team member reviews

Automated tracking of files, deliverables, links and other assets across tasks and projects


Task-based, on-topic discussions that are easy to follow (and easy to ignore)

Public and private discussion channels

One-on-one and group private messaging


Rich file sharing integrations with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive

Live data-sharing links with Jira, Github and Zendesk (coming soon)


Apps for iOS and Android

Fast, full-featured Search

Easy domain-based team onboarding

One-click signup / No credit card required

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One-click signup
No credit card required


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